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Perception Scooter

Popular sit-on-top kayak

The Perception Scooter is a very popular sit-on-top kayak in the UK. It is fun to paddle and suitable for all abilities - whether out on the sea surfing the waves, exploring the coastline or going for a paddle on the local canal.

Discontinued by Perception and now manufactured by Wavesport - Click Here to see the Wavesport Scooter

Perception Scooter Sit-On-Top Kayak - Sunset

Perception Scooter Comfort Spec - Sunset

Perception Scooter Sit-On-Top Kayak
Perception Scooter Sit-On-Top Kayak - Balance
Perception Scooter Sit-On-Top Kayak Riding a Wave
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Perception Scooter


Made in the UK Made in the UK.


The Scooter paddles in a straight line easily due to the innovative hull design, whilst also having good manoeuvrability. Adventurous paddlers will appreciate the Scooter's hull shape when playing and surfing in the waves. When surfing you may want extra control, which can be achieved by fitting optional leg straps.


The Perception Scooter is comfortable to paddle as the moulded seating area provides good back support and plenty of legroom. It is easy to manage off the water with side mounted carry handles, and car-topping the Scooter is easy using a standard pair of roof bars.

Comfort Spec. Features

  • Rear storage well with cords
  • Moulded side carry handles
  • Front & rear moulded handles
  • Drain bung
  • Drinks bottle
  • Backrest with seat pad
  • Front screw-in storage hatch
  • Anchor points for optional leg straps
  • Attachment point for optional paddle leash



  • Length: 2.95m
  • Width: 75cm
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Manufacturers Weight Capacity: 150kg Optimum weight capacity may differ - please contact us if you are unsure about the suitability of the Perception Scooter for your weight

Give us a call on 01726 862798 if you have any questions about the Perception Scooter