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Nova Craft Prospector 17 SP3

The Ultimate Wilderness Expedition Canoe

You're planning a big trip...You need a canoe that will take a months worth of supplies so that you can head out and explore the wilderness...Well, the Prospector 17 could be the canoe for you! Made from durable SP3 material the P17 also makes a great centre canoe.

Wood / Webbed Seats:£1399.00

2 x Plastic Seats:£1459.00

Nova Craft Prospector 17 SP3 Green

Nova Craft plastic canoe seat

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Nova Craft Prospector 17 SP3

Whether you are looking for a canoe for all the family, one for long expeditions or a large centre style boat to load up with enthuastic kids and clients, then look no further than the Nova Craft Prospector 17.

This canoe has enough carrying capacity (545kg) and space for a month's worth of supplies and the family. It also makes a great centre canoe to load up with enthusiatic kids (about 6!) and clients. The tough roto-moulded SP3 construction means it will cope with the usual abuse of slip ways etc. Paddle the P17 and you will know why the this canoe is a legend in areas like the Canadian arctic and Yukon. With good flat water speed and high sides, like the entire Prospector range, it will give you a drier ride on coastal waters and white water rapids alike.

If your looking for the ultimnate wilderness expedition canoe then the Prospector 17 could be the one for you!

If you think the P17 is too big then take a look at its smaller brothers, The Nova Craft Prospector 16 and Nova Craft Prospector 15.


  • SP3 Roto-moulded triple layer polyethylene plastic construction.
  • Reinforced vinyl gunwales with rotomoulded end deck plates as standard trim.
  • Ash framed seats with webbing.
  • Ash carry handles at bow and stern.
  • Deluxe sculpted ash centre yoke (In our opinion the best standard fit canoe yoke on the market), shaped to spread the weight across your shoulders evenly and it has even got a small notch for the small bone in your neck.
  • Shallow arch shaped hull gives initial stability whilst a moderate rocker allows good manoeuvrability.


  • Length - 17ft / 518cm
  • Width - 36in / 91.4cm
  • Bow Depth - 23in / 58.5cm
  • Centre Depth - 14.5in / 38cm
  • Stern Depth - 23in / 58.5cm
  • Rocker - 2in / 5cm
  • Weight - 99lbs / 45kg
  • Capacity - 1200lbs / 545kg


Nova Craft Prospector 17 in green


Nova Craft Prospector 17 SP3 in red


Recommended Accessories

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Pelican Beavertail Canoe Paddle

A simple lightweight canoe paddle with an alloy shaft and durable polyethylene blade in the classic beavertail shape. A T-Grip handle offers a secure hold point for paddle control. This paddle is the standard 57in length that suits the majority of paddlers. A good option for general recreational canoe paddling.

  • Length: 57in
  • Shaft Material: Alloy
  • Blade Material: Polyethylene

RUK Alloy Canoe Paddle

RUK Alloy Canoe Paddle

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  • Length: Various Sizes
  • Shaft Material: Alloy
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Enigma Note Standard Wooden Canoe Paddle

Enigma Note Canoe Paddle

A classic design constructed from quality pine and mahogany. Coated with a clear lacquer for a clean finish and to increase durability.

  • Available Sizes: 140cm, 150cm, 160cm
  • Construction: Pine and Mahogany
  • Blade Style: Standard

Enigma Key Beavertail Wooden Canoe Paddle

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  • Available Sizes: 150cm, 160cm
  • Construction: Pine, Mahogany and Ash
  • Blade Style: Beavertail

Storage Barrels for Canoes

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High quality barrels for use as additional dry storage in canadian canoes. Great for expeditions and extended trip usage. Available in 30 & 60 Litre sizings.

RUK Canoe Buoyancy Blocks - Pair

RUK Buoyancy Blocks - Pair

Simple and effective floatation aid for a canadian canoe. Constructed from closed cell polystyrene with a hard wearing outer cover, the blocks are a tough and durable buoyancy option.

Canoe Lashing Kit to fit the Nova Craft Prospector 17 SP3

RUK Canoe Lashing Kit

Supplied lashing kit to install buoyancy blocks or bags in the bow and stern of your canadian canoe. Kit suitable for both solo and tandem canoes.1201304

Price £22.99

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