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Hobie Sailing Kits & Sailing Accessories

All the popular sailing accessories for your Hobie Kayak!

Hobie Mirage Kayak
Sail Kit

Hobie Mirage Kayak Sail Kit

Add sail power to your Hobie kayak with this fun and easy to use Sail Kit! Kits available for Hobie Mirage Kayaks and the
inflatable iSeries.

From: £546.95

Hobie Sidekick

Hobie Sidekick AMA Kit - Outriggers - Stabilisers

Outriggers/stabilisers for your kayak. The SideKick AMA kit is simple, light weight and effective! Can be retro-fitted to most sit-on-top kayaks.

Price: £289.95

Hobie Mirage Island

Hobie Mirage Island Trampolines

Versatile trampolines for carrying extra crew or extra gear, or for moving weight outwards for better performance. A popular upgrade for the AI and TI.


Hobie Island
Spinnaker/Reacher Kit

Hobie Island Spinnaker/Reacher Kit

Off-the-wind sailing is typically the slowest point of sail, add a spinnaker and the Island comes alive! Kits available for Adventure Island and Tandem Island.

From: £850.95

Hobie Kayak Sail
Furling Kit

Hobie Kayak Sail Furling Kit

Use this furler kit to provide better control of your Mirage Kayak Sail Kit. Furl and un-furl the sail with ease for maximum control and easier launching/landing.

Price: £104.95

Hobie Twist-N-Stow
Rudder Blade - Large

Hobie Twist-N-Stow Rudder Blade - Large

Allows for more responsive steering control of your Hobie Mirage kayak. Particularly effective when sailing. A popular upgrade for Hobie Kayaks.

Price: £58.95

Hobie Island
Hiking Stick

Hobie Island Hiking Stick

Extend your steering controls so that you can move your body weight over or onto the trampolines (if fitted) or AKAs on an Adventure or Tandem Island.

Price: £104.95

Hobie Island Mast Head
Wind Direction Vane

Hobie Island Mast Head Wind Direction Vane

Understand changes in wind direction with this wind vane, so that you can get maximum performance from your sail. Tightens to mast head with a thumb screw.

Price: £35.95


We aim to stock as many Hobie Accessories and Spare Parts as possible in our shop, but due to the large amount of items this is not always possible. Almost all Hobie Parts and Accessories are available to order through Cornwall Canoes.

Standard stock items are normally supplied within 3-5 working days.

If we are out of stock, we will contact you before processing your order, and before debiting your payment card, to provide an estimated lead time for supplying your order and discuss alternative shipping options if your order is required quickly.