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Go faster with ST Turbo Fins!

Want to go faster? The ST (Square Tip) Turbo fins are a fin with greater surface area to provide greater resistance through the water giving more thrust! Users report as much as a 10% or more increase in speed through the water. This is one of the most popular upgrades on a Mirage Drive kayaks. Kits available for V1 and V2 drives.

V1 Kit Price: £155.95

V2 Kit Price: £166.95

Hobie ST Turbo Fins

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Hobie ST Turbo Fin Kit

All 2015+ Hobie Mirage drive kayaks come as standard with ST (Square Tip) fins but if you want to go faster then take a look at the ST Turbo Fin! The Turbo fins are longer and have greater surface area with provides greater resistance through the water...result? More thrust! Users report as much as a 10% or more increase in speed through the water. Its not all about the speed increase though... you can get top end speed and a slower cadence for cruising (less pedals per mile). All achieved with the larger, more efficient ST Turbo fins. These longer fins can also increase lateral resistance for sailing upwind if you have equipped your kayak with a sailing kit. Advantages, advantages but are there any disadvantages? Well you will have to put a little more effort in to pedal the Turbo fins, comparable to pedalling a bike up a slight incline, but the result is more speed! Fin tension screws are included to allow the pedaller to fine tune the balance between lower end torque and top end speed. Installation is easy with step-by-step instructions.


The ST Turbo Fin Kit is one of the most popular upgrades on a mirage Drive kayak. Kits are available for V1 (set screw mast) and V2 (threaded mast - current design) drive systems.


  • Increase your top end speed
  • Lower you cadence for cruising
  • Kits include: 2 x ST Turbo Fins, 2 x ST Turbo Fin Masts, Loctite Adhesive and installation instructions.
  • V1 Kit Part No: 72065
  • V2 Kit Blue/Black Part No: 72066031
  • V2 Kit Grey/Black Part No: 72066001
  • V2 Kit Red/Black Part No: 72066021


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