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Hobie Trax 2 Plug In Cart

All-terrain Trolley

The Trax 2 cart has wide inflatable tyres that work well on all-terrains, particularly soft sand and uneven terrain. Great for beach launches!

Price: £238.95

Hobie Trax 2 Plug In Cart

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Hobie Trax 2 Plug In Cart

The Trax “2” Cart has 24 cm (blow-molded polyurethane) pneumatic tires. These tires have a high capacity and are very durable! The Trax 2 has a very storng welded Stainless steel frame. The wheels are easily removable for storage.


Also includes a cart keeper feature to prevent the trolley falling off the kayak during use, and cart clamps so that the kayak sits at the correct position on the trolley to help prevent deformities to the hull. This cart has a medium capacity of 176lb. Designed for use with newer Hobie Kayaks that have reinforced rear scupper holes. The trolley simply plugs into these and away you go.


This is an all round cart for soft sand and uneven terrain. The tires are wide and can be deflated for better performance over softer sand and soil.


Note: This trolley is suitable for use with the Tandem Island when used with a trolley cradle set.




  • 24 cm blow-molded polyurethane pneumatic tires
  • Removable wheels
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Post Collar Clamps
  • Cart Keeper Pin
  • 176 lb Capacity

  • Part No: 80044101

Cart and Dolly Warning Note: Do not over-load. Not for towing or for speeds faster than average walking pace. Not for long hauls or stairs. Check cart fit carefully to be sure tires do not rub hull, on scupper versions that the posts fit clear through to the cockpit. Heavier model kayaks may require sleeves below cart clamps to keep hulls from contacting wheels. Not for prolonged use / storage. Incorrect use can damage or distort hulls.


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